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Dec. 19th, 2004 @ 10:27 pm (no subject)
Fishin tarponbay: well your not gonna belive this
Fishin tarponbay: i went to the movies with sandy and....
Fishin tarponbay: before i went i went in my room opened a envolpe of money, there was a hundred and some twentys in there
ak Ska 517: ??!?!
Fishin tarponbay: i thought i grabed a twenty but i grabed the hundred
ak Ska 517: k..
Fishin tarponbay: i went to the theatre and the tickets were 13 dollars, i gave them the hundred thinking it was a twenty
Fishin tarponbay: sandy thought it was a twenty too
ak Ska 517: OH NO!!
Fishin tarponbay: well when the girl gave me change there was a fifty in it, it was 87 dollars
Fishin tarponbay: i was like whoa
Fishin tarponbay: um here(trying hard to do the right thing) hehe
ak Ska 517: right
Fishin tarponbay: and was like i gave you a twenty, she was like ummm..... ok and gave me 7 dollars
Fishin tarponbay: well i got home and found out my hundred was gone
ak Ska 517: oh no!!!!
Fishin tarponbay: yeah
Fishin tarponbay: o man i freaked out
Fishin tarponbay: but luckily the girl didnt just pocket it when she counted up the money and noticed there was 74 extra dollars
Fishin tarponbay: i went back there and luckily found the same girl working there and she got me the manager and he gave me the envolope with my money
ak Ska 517: thats good
ak Ska 517: lol
Fishin tarponbay: yeah
Fishin tarponbay: i was like o crap that was some of my christmas gift money

well guys that was a close one, leson learned
always count your change and pay attention while paying for something.

and guys i think i might try to make a ghuile suit or something for the trip, and maybe in case some snow camo. 5 weeks guys
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